Learning Resources for an Active World

Active Planet Kids (APK) is an Active Lifestyle and Educational company that focuses on both cognitive and non-cognitive development to create whole child learning experiences. APK products and resources help parents and children build healthy lifestyles, leadership and social responsibility as part of their overall academic success.



Active Planet Kids is a strong advocate for traditional summer vacation and believes summer is an important time for parents to build, motivate, encourage and challenge children to realize and live up to their full potential with confidence, purpose and respect for themselves, and others.

Summer Fit Activities combines academics in reading, writing, math, language arts, science, geography and the environment with fitness and play. Research shows that fitness and play increase memory and learning ability. Academics are based on national and state standards. Summer Fit helps children become positive influencers in their classrooms and communities by reinforcing core values and leadership skills using role models from throughout the world including Rosa Parks, Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln.

Summer Fit Activities integrates academics, health and character education to build self-confidence and prepare children for the new school year.



Slap The Gap is Active Planet Kid's social outreach program for Summer Fit Activities. 

According to statistics from the National Summer Learning Association, low income students lose two to three months of reading and math during the summer and suffer a significantly greater slide than students who can afford to purchase summer learning materials and attend summer camps. In accordance to APK's focus on integrating core values into education as part of its "teach the whole child" approach to learning, Active Planet Kids donates a Summer Fit Activities workbook for every Summer Fit Activities workbook purchased on our website to organizations that serve low-income families and children. The Slap the Gap program benefits children who would not normally have access to summer learning materials. Slap the Gap gives parents and children who use Summer Fit an opportunity to support and serve an important part of our community in need. 

In 2016 Active Planet Kids is working with The Road Home to provide books to homeless families who are living in their shelter this summer. Learn more about The Road Home by clicking on the Road Home link.