Summer Fit Activities in 2017

The 2016 - 2017 school year is in session, but now is the time to start organizing your summer learning and workbook program. With all the options available today, deciding what summer workbook series to use can be a challenge. Add to it the vast amount of online programs and wide range of costs and you can easily become overwhelmed. 

Start by deciding what you want to accomplish with your summer program by asking yourself some basic questions:


1) Do I want it to be inter-disciplinary or single subject based?

2) Do I want to maintain academic acheivement levels or introduce new concepts?

3) Do I want it to be online or traditional learning?

4) Do I want a measurement tool?

5) What is my budget?

6) What's my desired level of parent involvement?

7) Are parents responsbile to purchase?


From here do your research and narrow down to your top 3-5 options. Do not be afraid to branch out from workbooks or materials that you have traditionally used and challenge yourself to consider overall development of your students as well as academic retention. Summer is a time of learning, exploration and the great outdoors. What kind of summer learning experience can you help your parents and students create this year?


3 Ways to Make Summer Fit Available to Parents

School-Wide: Use funds from PTA programs, After-School Alliance, 21st Century and Title I (extended year learning/parent involvement) to purchase and implement school-wide programs.  

Summer School: Supplement summer school programs as brain breaks, extension activities and school-home connections.

Parent Purchase:  Offer to parents using our Summer Fit Kit and/or sending flyers home with students. Work directly with Summer Fit Activities to fulfill school orders that you collect, use your favorite local educational supply store, bookstore or independent provider, or direct parents to our online store to order themselves.

Summer Fit ActivitiesTM workbooks can be ordered by teachers, parents, administrators, Title I coordinators, summer school coordinators, after school programs, PTO/PTA groups, and tutors.

There are nine different workbooks available to support students as they transition to the new school year. Grade levels include Preschool - Kindergarten through Seventh - Eighth Grade. Summer Fit workbooks are based on national standards, aling to common core, provide a comprehensive review of the grade students are leaving, include flashcards (Grade Levels Preschool through 5th Grade), full-color, supported by online fitness videos and free downloads throughout the summer.