Summer Fit ActivitiesTM is a comprehensive review of key academic skills and concepts learned during the school year. Activities are based on state standards and align to common core. The Summer Fit ActivitiesTM workbook series was created by educators, parents, fitness trainers and summer learning experts.  Pages are filled with a variety of fun, interesting and challenging educational activities in math, reading, science, geography, and language arts. Activities are designed to thoroughly review the grade children are leaving without taking away from summer vacation. Summer Fit gives parents a simple routine to follow that only takes 10-15 minutes a day to complete. Academic exercises start off easy and progress in difficulty over the summer, or while off-track, and go on to preview materials from the grade ahead.

Math: Studies show that students can lose up to 2 to 3 months of math skills over the summer without review. Math success relies on a comprehensive understanding and mastery of fundamental skills at each grade level. The skill and drill math activities in Summer Fit help children reinforce math fundamentals so children can continue to build on them in the new school year without having to go back and re-learn. 


Reading: Reading and language arts activities reinforce comprehension, grammar, and writing in a variety of fun and creative ways. Summer Fit encourages parents to help children create summer reading lists based on their own interests. Daily reading is encouraged throughout the summer. In addition, summer reading lists based on role models and values are included to help reinforce and expand core value activities. Summer Journal pages and Summer Book Reports reinforce reading comprehension skills and provide children with practice organizing their thoughts and transferring them to the written word.

Science and Geography: These subjects are reviewed in a variety of ways throughout each workbook and are reinforced with Summer Explorer Lists that offer parents and children hands-on-learning activities to complete outside of the workbook.

Here is what you will find inside each Summer Fit workbook to reinforce academic skills from the grade your child is leaving and prepare them for the grade ahead: 


  • Five sections of academic exercises based on national standards in reading, writing, mathematics, language arts, science and geography.
  • Incentive Contract Calendars that motivate and encourage children to complete their work and build goal-setting skills.
  • Summer Explorer Lists of hands on learning activities to extend the learning experience outside the workbook and provide parents and children with things to do in down time, or when they are feeling bored.
  • Live Earth Friendly activities that encourage children to Reduce, Recycle and Reuse that emphasize what it means to be Earth Friendly.
  • Summer Journal pages and Book Reports that reinforce reading comprehension skills and build writing skills.
  • Health and Nutrition Section
  • Flashcards (Grades Preschool - Fifth Grade)
  • Answer Pages.





"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere" - Chinese Proverb